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Owners Horses

A Little Magic (IRE)

A Stones Throw (NZ)

A Wave Of The Sea (IRE)

Abbey Garth (IRE)

Above Board (IRE)

Abutilon (GB)

Acairde (IRE)

Across The Divide (IRE)

Action Replay (IRE)

Adajal (IRE)

Adare Manor (IRE)

Aeglos (IRE)

Afarad (IRE)

Afistfullofpebbles (GB)

Alaivan (IRE)

Aland Islands (IRE)

Alfa Mix (GB)

All In Favour (IRE)

All Systems Go (IRE)

Allelu Alleluia (GER)

Alone They Stand (IRE)

Alphabet Bay (IRE)

Alright Now M'Lad (IRE)

American Legend (IRE)

Another Hero (IRE)

Another Sensation (FR)

Another Trump (NZ)

Any Minute Now (IRE)

Anyportinastorm (IRE)

Anywayyoulookatit (IRE)

Apple's Shakira (FR)

Aquarian (IRE)

Aramax (GER)

Arbor Supreme (IRE)

Arctic Pond (IRE)

Ardistan (IRE)

Arizona Kid (IRE)

Around Before (IRE)

Arthur's Quay (IRE)

As And When (IRE)

As You Like (IRE)

Aspen Colorado (IRE)

Avada Kedavra (IRE)

Award Winner (GB)

Aworkinprogress (IRE)

Aztec Treasure (NZ)

Backspin (IRE)

Badgerfort (IRE)

Baikal (GB)

Ballyclough (IRE)

Ballykettrail (IRE)

Ballyneety (GB)

Ballyoisin (IRE)

Band of Outlaws (IRE)

Baracouda (FR)

Barrie Burn (IRE)

Batten Down (IRE)

Be The Tops (IRE)

Before Sundown (NZ)

Belargus (FR)

Belcantista (FR)

Benetwood (IRE)

Benzel (IRE)

Best Practice (IRE)

Bhutan (IRE)

Big Al (IRE)

Binocular (FR)

Birdie Or Bust (IRE)

Blazer (FR)

Blazes Boylan (IRE)

Bleu Et Rouge (FR)

Bloody Mary (FR)

Blue Sari (FR)

Bluesea Cracker (IRE)

Bob Hall (IRE)

Bold Raider (IRE)

Borderlinedecision (IRE)

Born Again (IRE)

Bouvreuil (FR)

Box Office (FR)

Brainwave (IRE)

Brazil (IRE)

Breaking Silence (IRE)

Brelan D'as (FR)

Brigade Charge (USA)

Broomfield Burg (IRE)

Bushy Island (IRE)

Busy Henry (GB)

Butler's Cabin (FR)

Buveur D\'air (FR)

Caddie Master (IRE)

Call Of The Wild (IRE)

Call The Cops (IRE)

Calypso Bay (IRE)

Camprond (FR)

Canal Bank (IRE)

Candelaria (GB)

Canelie (FR)

Canelo (IRE)

Canon Barney (IRE)

Captain Cee Bee (IRE)

Captain Cutter (IRE)

Carlton Jack (GB)

Castlecrossings (IRE)

Cause Of Causes (USA)

Celestial Horizon (IRE)

Centreofattention (IRE)

Cernunnos (FR)

Chalk It Down (IRE)

Champ (IRE)

Champagne At Tara (GB)

Charge It (IRE)

Charmahal (IRE)

Chasing The Light (IRE)

Cheap And Cheerful (GB)

Chesapeake (IRE)

Chirico Vallis (FR)

Christopher Wren (USA)

Ciel De Neige (FR)

City Slicker (IRE)

City Streets (GB)

City Theatre (IRE)

Clan Leader (IRE)

Clan Royal (FR)

Claude Greengrass (GB)

Clean Sheet (IRE)

Clubs Are Trumps (IRE)

Cock And Hen (IRE)

Cockney Trucker (IRE)

Colbert Station (IRE)

Collooney (IRE)

Common Practice (IRE)

Conkering (USA)

Consul De Thaix (FR)

Cool Running (IRE)

Corbetts Cross (IRE)

Corlay (FR)

Counter Shy (IRE)

Countister (FR)

Country Escape (GB)

Craic (IRE)

Crebilly (IRE)

Creon (GB)

Crimson Canyon (IRE)

Crocodiles Rock (IRE)

Cross The Flags (IRE)

Cross The Highman (IRE)

Cup Final (IRE)

Cut The Cards (IRE)

Dakar Run (GB)

Dalila Du Seuil (FR)

Dame De Compagnie (FR)

Dante Hall (IRE)

Darasso (FR)

Dark Room (IRE)

Darlan (GB)

Davis Street (IRE)

Day In The Sun (IRE)

Dead Right (GB)

Defi Du Seuil (FR)

Delirant (FR)

Demon D'aunou (FR)

Demopolis (FR)

Destin D'ajonc (FR)

Diaco (IRE)

Didtheyleaveuoutto (IRE)

Dieg Man (FR)

Different Class (IRE)

Dip In The Med (IRE)

Domos Boy (IRE)

Don't Push It (IRE)

Dontbitedabait (IRE)

Don\'t Be Late (IRE)

Dostal Phil (FR)

Dr Sanderson (IRE)

Dream Berry (FR)

Dreamaker (IRE)

Dreamsoftheatre (IRE)

Drop In The Ocean (GB)

Duc De Beauchene (FR)

Dursey Sound (IRE)

Eaglehill (FR)

Eastlake (IRE)

Easy Street (IRE)

Easysland (FR)

Eclat De Star (FR)

Eddie Boy (GB)

Edmaaj (IRE)

El Macca (IRE)

Ellen Street (IRE)

Empreinte Reconce (FR)

Englishtown (FR)

Espoir D'allen (FR)

Even If (GB)

Ever So Much (IRE)

Evidence De Thaix (FR)

Fact To File (FR)

Factotum (GB)

Faldo (IRE)

Falsino (GER)

Fancy Your Chances (IRE)

Fanfaron Dino (FR)

Favoured Nation (IRE)

Fayette County (IRE)

Fenix Two (GB)

Feuille De Chene (FR)

Fier Goumier (FR)

Fier Normand (FR)

Fightfortheroses (IRE)

Fighting Flynn (IRE)

Film D'action (FR)

Finding Your Feet (IRE)

Fine Cut (IRE)

Finger Onthe Pulse (IRE)

Firmage Burg (FR)

First Gold (FR)

First Quarter (GB)

First Tee (IRE)

Firth Of Forth (IRE)

Fishoutofwater (IRE)

Fit For The Job (IRE)

Flagship Uberalles (IRE)

Fleminport (IRE)

Flew The Nest (IRE)

Flinteur Sacre (FR)

Floral Fantasy (IRE)

Flou Artsistique (FR)

Flying Scotsman (IRE)

Follow Your Heart (IRE)

For Good Measure (IRE)

Foreman (GER)

Fort Ord (IRE)

Forthefunofit (IRE)

Fortunate Man (IRE)

Forty Five (IRE)

Forward Flight (IRE)

Four Schools (IRE)

Four Strong Winds (IRE)

Fourball (IRE)

Foxesbow (IRE)

France De Reve (FR)

Free (FR)

Freneys Well (GB)

Front Of House (IRE)

Front View (FR)

Fu Manchu (GB)

Full Of Joy (IRE)

Full Of Surprises (FR)

Future Profit (IRE)

Future Vision (GB)

Gabreselassie (IRE)

Gameface (IRE)

Gaot (FR)

Garde Champetre (FR)

Gavrocheka (FR)

Gelboe De Chanay (FR)

Geordie Des Champs (IRE)

George Bancroft (GB)

Gerboise Borget (FR)

Get Back In Line (IRE)

Get It Right (IRE)

Get Me Out Of Here (IRE)

Gibbonsgrove (IRE)

Gitche Gumee (GB)

Glenstal Abbey (IRE)

Globalisation (IRE)

Glorious Feeling (IRE)

Glory For Rory (IRE)

Go As You Please (IRE)

Go Get Em Kid (IRE)

Go On Line (GB)

Go Roger Go (IRE)

God Of The Kop (IRE)

Going For Broke (IRE)

Goldboy (IRE)

Good Call (IRE)

Good Harvest (IRE)

Good Judgement (IRE)

Good Line (IRE)

Gosuatri (FR)

Grain D'oudairies (FR)

Grand Bay (USA)

Grand Morning (GB)

Grand Slam (IRE)

Great Field (FR)

Great Memories (GB)

Grivelin (FR)

Ground Ball (IRE)

Guetapan Collonges (FR)

Guiri (GER)

Gulliver Collonges (FR)

Guy De Guye (FR)

Haldon Hill (IRE)

Hands Down (IRE)

Handy Option (IRE)

Hard Tackle (IRE)

Hardiman (IRE)

Hargam (FR)

Hasthing (FR)

Hasty Prince (GB)

Hawk's Landing (IRE)

Hawkhurst (IRE)

Head Law (FR)

Head Of The Posse (IRE)

Hear Me Out (IRE)

Heart Of A Lion (IRE)

Hell's Kitchen (GB)

Herewego Herewego (IRE)

Hero Again (IRE)

Hey Ref (IRE)

Hidden Oasis (IRE)

High Gear (IRE)

High Road (IRE)

Hikari Pompadour Aa (FR)

Hilali (IRE)

Hired Hand (IRE)

Hobbs Hill (GB)

Hogan\'s Bridge (IRE)

Hope You Do (FR)

Hopeful Start (IRE)

Horn Cape (FR)

Hot Rod (IRE)

I Am Maximus (FR)

I'm The Decider (IRE)

Iberico Lord (FR)

Icare Allen (FR)

Ice Melted (IRE)

If In Doubt (IRE)

Ilikedwayurthinkin (IRE)

Imperial Bede (FR)

Impose Toi (FR)

In Discussion (IRE)

In Excelsis Deo (FR)

In Extra Time (IRE)

In The Park (IRE)

In The Pipeline (IRE)

In The Rough (IRE)

In The Sand (IRE)

In The Zone (IRE)

Inca Gold (IRE)

Innox (FR)

Inothewayurthinkin (IRE)

Into The Wild (IRE)

Irish Buccaneer (IRE)

Iroko (FR)

It Is What It Is (IRE)

It Would Appear (IRE)

It's A Gimme (IRE)

It's Like That (IRE)

Its All About You (IRE)

It\'s A Doddle (IRE)

It\'s A New Day (GB)

It\'s An Eagle (IRE)

It\'s Like That (IRE)

Iveagh Gardens (IRE)

I\'dliketheoption (IRE)

Jack Steel (IRE)

Jagwar (FR)

Jam Packed (IRE)

Jamaicaine (FR)

Janidil (FR)

Jasmin De Grugy (FR)

Jeriko Du Reponet (FR)

Jerrysback (IRE)

Jewel In The Sun (IRE)

Jockies Burn (IRE)

Johnnywho (IRE)

Johns Square (IRE)

Johnston's Swallow (IRE)

Join The Clan (IRE)

Jollyallan (GB)

Joly Maker (IRE)

Jonbon (FR)

Jongleur D'etoiles (FR)

Joyeuse (FR)

Julius (FR)

Jumper Madrik (FR)

Just Acting (IRE)

Just For You (GB)

Just Shove It (IRE)

Kadoun (IRE)

Kap Ouest (FR)

Keen Eye (IRE)

Keepatem (IRE)

Kensington Oval (GB)

Kia Kaha (GB)

Kilshannig (IRE)

Kimberlite Candy (IRE)

Kimmins (GB)

King Johns Castle (IRE)

King Pellinor (IRE)

Klitschko (GB)

Knife Edge (USA)

Knocknagow Leader (IRE)

Know Your Place (GB)

Kotkikova (FR)

L'ami (FR)

L'impertinent (FR)

La Domaniale (FR)

Laissez Dire (FR)

Lake Baikal (FR)

Lariat Sam (IRE)

Laskadine (FR)

Last Shadow (GB)

Le Curieux (FR)

Le Prezien (FR)

Leave At Dawn (IRE)

Less Time (IRE)

Lesssaidthebetter (IRE)

Lettheriverrundry (IRE)

Levitski (GB)

Liathroidisneachta (IRE)

Liberty Boy (IRE)

Like A Bee (IRE)

Lilium De Cotte (FR)

Limerick Lace (IRE)

Line Ball (IRE)

Lingo (IRE)

Lissnabrucka (IRE)

Listen And Learn (IRE)

Litterale Ci (FR)

Lock's Corner (IRE)

Lockstockandbarrel (IRE)

Longterm (IRE)

Longueville Manor (FR)

Lost Glory (NZ)

Lost Time (IRE)

Lots Of Fun (IRE)

Mac Hine (IRE)

Mad For Road (IRE)

Made In Time (IRE)

Majborough (FR)

Majestic Moonbeam (IRE)

Malak Des Mottes (FR)

Malakiya (IRE)

Malmoos (USA)

Manamite (FR)

Manikon Eros (IRE)

Marki (FR)

Marshalled (IRE)

Martinstown (IRE)

Master Malt (GB)

Master Milan (IRE)

Master Tern (USA)

Masters Of War (IRE)

Matcho Pierji (FR)

Measure Of The Man (GB)

Meetingofthewaters (IRE)

Melody Of Scotland (FR)

Mem O'Rees (GB)

Merveillo (GB)

Mick Pastor (FR)

Mikado (GB)

Milan Bound (IRE)

Milan Tino (IRE)

Milreu Has (FR)

Minella Rocco (IRE)

Minella Till Dawn (IRE)

Minella Times (IRE)

Mini Sensation (IRE)

Minotaur (IRE)

Mission Complete (IRE)

Mister W K (IRE)

Mocacreme Has (FR)

Moncadou (FR)

Money Line (IRE)

Money Order (IRE)

Moneywise (IRE)

Montdragon (FR)

Monte Vista (IRE)

Montevideo (GB)

Moonlight Boy (IRE)

More Of That (IRE)

Morning Line (IRE)

Mountain Tunes (IRE)

Mr Mole (IRE)

Mr One More (IRE)

Multeen River (IRE)

Munster Pride (IRE)

Music Pick (IRE)

Music To My Ears (IRE)

Musical Knight (IRE)

Musical Slave (IRE)

Must Bite (GB)

My Tent Or Yours (IRE)

My Whirlwind (IRE)

Mylo (GB)

Mythical Warrior (IRE)

Naos De Mirande (FR)

Native City (IRE)

Navado (USA)

Nebeltau (GER)

Nelson's Spice (IRE)

Never Adapt (FR)

New Rules (IRE)

New Time (IRE)

Nice To Have (IRE)

Nicely Presented (IRE)

Nimix De Juilley (FR)

Nineohtwooneoh (IRE)

No Comment (GB)

No Ordinary Joe (IRE)

No Routine (IRE)

Noble Robin (IRE)

Nor'nor'east (IRE)

Nostringsattached (IRE)

Not A Bob (IRE)

Not At All (FR)

O'callaghan Strand (AUS)

Oathkeeper (IRE)

Off Duty (IRE)

Off Gallivanting (GB)

Off She Goes (IRE)

Oficial Ben (IRE)

Ok Corral (IRE)

Olaso (GER)

Old Brigade (IRE)

Old Pals Act (IRE)

On The Off Chance (GB)

On The Record (IRE)

On The Way Home (IRE)

On You Go (IRE)

Once A Brownie (IRE)

Onefortheroadtom (GB)

Open Day (IRE)

Opens All Doors (IRE)

Operation Overlord (IRE)

Oscar's Advance (IRE)

Over The Blues (IRE)

Pagero (FR)

Palmers Hill (IRE)

Palmridge (GER)

Pasley (IRE)

Pass It On (IRE)

Passmore (GB)

Pearl King (IRE)

Pendra (IRE)

Persia (IRE)

Petit Tonnerre (FR)

Phoenix Way (IRE)

Phoudamour (FR)

Pittsburgh Phil (IRE)

Point Blank (IRE)

Point Of Rescue (IRE)

Polkarenix (FR)

Pop Ahead (IRE)

Power Of Attorney (IRE)

Practice Round (IRE)

Present Gale (IRE)

Pretty Neat (IRE)

Pretty Obvious (FR)

Prince Of Pirates (IRE)

Princelet (IRE)

Progressive (IRE)

Project Bluebook (FR)

Prompter (GB)

Protek Des Flos (FR)

Puck Out (IRE)

Pull Your Socks Up (IRE)

Punches Cross (IRE)

Pure Vision (IRE)

Qanta de Thaix (FR)

Qaspal (FR)

Quantitativeeasing (IRE)

Quartz Du Rheu (FR)

Quazy De Joie (FR)

Quid Pro Quo (IRE)

Quolibet (FR)

Rae\'s Creek (GB)

Raise You Five (IRE)

Raise Your Game (IRE)

Ranging Bear (IRE)

Rate of Knots (IRE)

Rathhill (IRE)

Read All About It (IRE)

Regal Encore (IRE)

Remember Now (IRE)

Risk Accessor (IRE)

Riverside City (IRE)

Rock Noir (FR)

Rock On Fruity (IRE)

Rock On Rita (IRE)

Rollinrollinrollin (IRE)

Roman Consul (IRE)

Ronde De Nuit (FR)

Rory For Glory (IRE)

Rosie Mcqueen (IRE)

Rouquine Sauvage (GB)

Rum And Butter (IRE)

Runthatpastmeagain (IRE)

Sa Majeste (FR)

Sagredo (USA)

Sahara Legend (GB)

Saint Charles (FR)

Sainte Doctor (FR)

San Rumoldo (GB)

Santiago de Cuba (IRE)

Sarazen Bridge (GB)

Sassified (IRE)

Sasso (GB)

Saunders Road (IRE)

Saves Time (IRE)

Scoop The Pot (IRE)

Scoter Fontaine (FR)

See The Rock (IRE)

See U Bob (IRE)

Set In My Ways (IRE)

Shadow Dancer (IRE)

Shamawan (IRE)

Short Memory (IRE)

Shutthebackdoor (IRE)

Siberian Sun (IRE)

Signatory (USA)

Silent Jo (JPN)

Sir Erec (IRE)

Skin Deep (IRE)

Smart Casual (GB)

Smart Thinking (IRE)

Smoking Aces (IRE)

Soir De Gala (FR)

Solar System (FR)

Son Du Berlais (FR)

Song In My Heart (IRE)

Song of Songs (GB)

Sonowyouno (IRE)

Sort It Out (IRE)

South America (NZ)

Space Telescope (IRE)

Spanish Tan (NZ)

Spate River (GB)

Special Friend (IRE)

Spectait (GB)

Specular (AUS)

Spidey (IRE)

Spike And Divel (IRE)

Spirit of New York (IRE)

Spokesman (GB)

Sporting John (IRE)

Spot The Ball (IRE)

Springbok Seia (FR)

Square Mile (IRE)

Squouateur (FR)

State The Obvious (IRE)

Stealing Time (IRE)

Storm Survivor (IRE)

Stradbrook (IRE)

Straw Bear (USA)

Strongly Suggested (GB)

Style De Vole (FR)

Suit Yourself (IRE)

Sully D'oc Aa (FR)

Sundown Trail (IRE)

Sunnyhillboy (IRE)

Sunset Showdown (IRE)

Supreme Keano (IRE)

Sweeps Hill (NZ)

Synchronised (IRE)

T'araison (FR)

Tait\'s Clock (IRE)

Take Me Out (IRE)

Taketimeout (IRE)

Taking My Cut (GB)

Tap Night (USA)

Tarlac (GER)

Tarvini (IRE)

Team Allstar (IRE)

Teeming Rain (IRE)

Tell Me The Story (IRE)

Temple Lord (FR)

Tempsford (USA)

Ten Bob (IRE)

Thanksforthehelp (FR)

Thatbeatsbanagher (IRE)

The Bear Trap (IRE)

The Bomber Liston (IRE)

The Doorman (IRE)

The Jigger (IRE)

The Logical Man (IRE)

The Long Mile (GB)

The Mad Robertson (IRE)

The Major General (IRE)

The Merry Giant (IRE)

The Olympian (IRE)

The Organist (IRE)

The Pennys Dropped (IRE)

The Pike (IRE)

The Rising Moon (IRE)

The Saint James (FR)

The Seanachie (IRE)

The Shunter (IRE)

The Very Man (IRE)

Thecraicisninety (GB)

There Is No Point (IRE)

There You Are (GB)

Think Out Loud (GB)

Thomondgate (IRE)

Thunderstorm (IRE)

Tidjani (IRE)

Time Flies By (IRE)

Time To Get Up (IRE)

Tip Of My Tongue (IRE)

To Live (FR)

Tomorrow Mystery (GB)

Top of The Left (GB)

Top Ref (IRE)

Top Spin (IRE)

Tory Hill (IRE)

Touch Judge (IRE)

Tough As Teak (IRE)

Trapista (FR)

Travertine (IRE)

Treasure Chest (IRE)

Tried And Tested (IRE)

Triplicate (IRE)

Tritonix (IRE)

Turkey Creek (IRE)

Two Miles West (IRE)

Under Control (FR)

Unique De Cotte (FR)

Urban (IRE)

Ursumman (IRE)

V Neck (IRE)

Vaihau (FR)

Valley View (IRE)

Vedelle (IRE)

Veripek (FR)

Vermouth Bleu (FR)

Vintage Gold (USA)

Vision Du Puy (FR)

Vujiyama (FR)

Vulcanite (IRE)

Wait A Second (IRE)

Wal Buck's (FR)

Washed Ashore (IRE)

Washington Road (IRE)

Waves And Wind (IRE)

Wee Anthony (IRE)

Well Hello There (IRE)

Well Saved (IRE)

Well Sharp (GB)

What Else (IRE)

Whataboutya (IRE)

Whatsforuwontgobyu (IRE)

Wheels Up (IRE)

When I\'m Sixtyfour (IRE)

Where's The Boss (GB)

Which One Is Which (GB)

Whistling Senator (IRE)

Wichita Lineman (IRE)

Wild West (IRE)

Will Take Charge (IRE)

Willie Gunn (IRE)

Wipe Your Eye (GB)

Woodville Manor (IRE)

World Wide Web (IRE)

Worthy Award (IRE)

Wouldn't You Agree (IRE)

Wyck Hill (IRE)

Yaboya (IRE)

Yellow Flag (GB)

Youknowell (IRE)

Young American (IRE)

Your Wan (IRE)

Yours Forever (IRE)

Zamdy Man (GB)

Zarakash (IRE)