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Trainer: Mrs A Hamilton

Past engagements

Date Time Course Horse Race name
27 May 2024 16:05 Cartmel Pay The Piper (IRE) St Mary's Hospice Handicap Chase
26 May 2024 14:50 Kelso Five Dollar Fine (IRE) Schloss Roxburghe Hotel Handicap Chase (For The Wilfred & Patricia Crawford Memorial Trophy)
11 May 2024 16:35 Hexham Five Dollar Fine (IRE) Paxtons For Genuine Kverneland Spares. Handicap Chase
08 May 2024 16:20 Kelso Pay The Piper (IRE) Bedmax Handicap Chase
22 Apr 2024 14:30 Hexham Five Dollar Fine (IRE) Jim Scallan Retirement Handicap Chase
20 Apr 2024 13:15 Ayr Tommy's Oscar (IRE) Scotty Brand Handicap Chase (Premier Handicap) (GBB Race)
19 Apr 2024 15:20 Ayr Dare To Shout (GB) Coral 'We're Here For It' Handicap Hurdle (GBB Race)
13 Apr 2024 14:05 Newcastle Pay The Piper (IRE) Newcastle Flooring Company Handicap Chase
07 Apr 2024 15:22 Carlisle Hello Judge (GB) Mark Nield Wealth Management Go North Monet's Garden Series Final Handicap Chase (GBB Race)
26 Mar 2024 16:35 Newcastle Hello Judge (GB) QuinnBet Best Odds Guaranteed Handicap Chase
26 Mar 2024 17:05 Newcastle Pay The Piper (IRE) Handicap Hurdle
16 Mar 2024 14:37 Newcastle Pay The Piper (IRE) Guinness St Patrick's Day Handicap Hurdle
10 Mar 2024 15:20 Kelso Dare To Shout (GB) Bruce Farms Handicap Hurdle
07 Mar 2024 16:55 Carlisle Five Dollar Fine (IRE) Every Race Live On Racing TV Handicap Chase
07 Mar 2024 15:10 Carlisle Hello Judge (GB) Introducing Racing TV Novices' Handicap Chase (GBB Race)
02 Mar 2024 14:35 Doncaster Tommy's Oscar (IRE) Free Digital Racecard At Handicap Chase (GBB Race)
19 Feb 2024 15:00 Carlisle Hello Judge (GB) 'Syki's 60th' David Sykes 60th Birthday Handicap Chase
05 Feb 2024 16:07 Carlisle Five Dollar Fine (IRE) Follow Rhino.Bet On Instagram Handicap Chase
04 Feb 2024 15:35 Musselburgh Tommy's Oscar (IRE) bet365 Scottish Champion Chase (Handicap Chase) (GBB Race)
04 Feb 2024 15:00 Musselburgh Dare To Shout (GB) Pertemps Network Group Handicap Hurdle (GBB Race)
26 Jan 2024 14:10 Sedgefield Hello Judge (GB) Michael Watson MW Paving & Groundworks Handicap Chase
18 Dec 2023 13:55 Musselburgh Hello Judge (GB) Four Calling Birds Novices' Handicap Chase (GBB Race)
17 Dec 2023 12:25 Carlisle Five Dollar Fine (IRE) Daily Charged Up Offers At Rhino.Bet Novices' Handicap Chase (GBB Race)
16 Dec 2023 14:40 Doncaster Tommy's Oscar (IRE) bet365 Handicap Hurdle (GBB Race)
14 Dec 2023 13:40 Newcastle Dare To Shout (GB) Living North Live Handicap Hurdle
25 Nov 2023 12:40 Haydock Pay The Piper (IRE) Handicap Chase
24 Nov 2023 13:50 Catterick Hello Judge (GB) Weatherbys Handicap Chase
24 Nov 2023 13:15 Catterick Five Dollar Fine (IRE) Support The Injured Jockeys Fund Novices' Handicap Chase
23 Nov 2023 15:00 Newcastle Hello Judge (GB) Sportvision Stadia & Event Branding Novices' Limited Handicap Chase (GBB Race)
10 Nov 2023 14:10 Hexham Five Dollar Fine (IRE) Sidgwick Memorial Novices' Handicap Chase (GBB Race)
29 Oct 2023 15:10 Aintree Dare To Shout (GB) Jewson Handicap Hurdle (GBB Race)
29 Oct 2023 14:00 Aintree Tommy's Oscar (IRE) Jewson Fast Set Finish Old Roan Limited Handicap Chase (Grade 2) (GBB Race)
28 Oct 2023 14:39 Kelso Pay The Piper (IRE) Beauchamp Estates Handicap Chase
26 Oct 2023 14:45 Carlisle Hello Judge (GB) Rhino.Bet Home Of Charged Up Sport Handicap Chase
22 Oct 2023 15:50 Sedgefield Five Dollar Fine (IRE) Paxtons No1 CaseIH Dealer In UK&Ireland Maiden Hurdle (GBB Race)
18 Oct 2023 15:33 Wetherby Pay The Piper (IRE) Bobby Renton Handicap Chase
08 Oct 2023 15:30 Kelso Tommy's Oscar (IRE) NSPCC School Service Simply Ned Handicap Chase (GBB Race)
06 Oct 2023 15:45 Hexham Hello Judge (GB) Martin Bowler Memorial Novices' Handicap Chase (GBB Race)
06 Oct 2023 14:35 Hexham Dare To Shout (GB) At The Races App Form Study Handicap Hurdle
16 May 2023 13:40 Newcastle Five Dollar Fine (IRE) Download The At The Races App Novices' Hurdle (GBB Race)
24 Apr 2023 16:00 Hexham Five Dollar Fine (IRE) Discover Northumberland's Only Racecourse Handicap Hurdle
22 Apr 2023 13:15 Ayr Pay The Piper (IRE) Scotty Brand Handicap Chase (Premier Handicap) (GBB Race)
17 Apr 2023 15:20 Kelso Bavington Bob (IRE) Ashleybank Investments Reg And Betty Tweedie Handicap Chase
13 Apr 2023 16:40 Aintree Pay The Piper (IRE) Close Brothers Red Rum Handicap Chase (Premier Handicap) (GBB Race)
08 Apr 2023 17:25 Carlisle Five Dollar Fine (IRE) Racing TV Profits Returned To Racing Conditional Jockeys' Handicap Hurdle
31 Mar 2023 15:25 Wetherby Dare To Shout (GB) Join Racing TV Now Handicap Hurdle
25 Mar 2023 15:35 Kelso Bavington Bob (IRE) Make Your Best Bet At BetVictor Handicap Chase (GBB Race)
19 Mar 2023 13:50 Carlisle Tommy's Oscar (IRE) Rockcliffe Novices' Limited Handicap Chase (GBB Race)
18 Mar 2023 13:40 Newcastle Dare To Shout (GB) Guinness Draught Novices' Hurdle (GBB Race)
18 Mar 2023 15:25 Newcastle Bavington Bob (IRE) Guinness Nitro Surge Handicap Chase